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I have spent many years working in various office buildings in the New York area, and while I have seen some unusual occurrences over the years, I have never experienced the steady kind of strange that goes on in my current building.  Since it is rather small, only two floors high and 2/3 occupied, the situation becomes even more perplexing. I think that it may have something to do with the fact that doctors and businesses coexist, but I can’t really be sure.  On my floor, our neighbors are an attorney, a plastic surgeon, a dentist and an internist.


One day while I walked into the restroom and there was a lady there frantically putting on makeup.  I think she may have been headed to the internist.   She turned to me and asked “Do I look pale?” Tricky question since I have never laid eyes on her before.


Another day, I was in the large hallway talking to a co-worker.  A man exited the plastic surgeon’s office and started walking towards the elevator.  Rather than walking in any of the available space around us, he walked directly into me.  Yes, he literally almost plowed me over, and did he say excuse me?


I once wore a white dress to work.  It was extremely short with long sleeves and covered with zippers.  It was pretty cutting edge and a bit sexy at the same time.  Someone came up to me and asked if I was a nurse and if that was the new nurse’s uniform.


But the B-E-S-T example of strange happened the other day.  A girl from my office (GFMO) was headed out to the bathroom when she spotted an older couple sitting in our waiting room.  The following conversation occurred:


GFMO: Hi!  Can I help you?  Are you here for a meeting?


Wife: No.


GFMO: No?  You are not meeting with anyone at the office?


Wife: No.


GFMO:  If you are not here to meet with anyone, then may I ask what are you doing sitting in our waiting room?


Wife: Having lunch.


GFMO: Having lunch?  This is a private office.  You can’t have lunch here.


Wife:  But my husband has to go back to the doctor in an hour to have a stress test, so we wanted to eat lunch before his test.


GFMO: Then why not have lunch in his doctor’s office?


Wife: We don’t want to.  It is crowded in there.


GFMO: Well, this is a private office, not a lunch room.  There is a lobby downstairs where you can sit.  You can eat there.


Wife: But, we are here already.


GFMO: But this is a private office, not a lunch room, cafeteria or restaurant!


Wife: So, we can’t eat here?



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