Teaching Kids About Safety: Sometimes It's the Stranger Who's in Danger


You may not have noticed, in that split-second, when my daughter looked up at you, then back at me, wide-eyed, like, “Is this it? Is this WHAT I’VE BEEN TRAINING FOR??

You may not even have felt it when her brother began incinerating your insides with the powers of his mind.

And it probably went undetected when I slid my hand into my purse and uncapped an EpiPen. Yeah. That’s how people with allergies roll. We pump your eyeball full of epinephrine before you even know what’s hitting you, motherfucker.

But you were aware of none of this, I suppose.

The chime sounded; the doors opened; and you just stepped out. You didn’t even break into a run.

Lucky timing for you.

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Photo Credit: heinrock.


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