Strategically Planning for The Day After Christmas Shopping

Once my kids became teenagers, the days of running out Christmas shopping early, hiding gifts & going on late night wrapping frenzies ended. We created a new tradition. We each have 1 gift under the tree and then on December 26, we shop till we drop. If you were to install a nanny cam in our home, you’d think we should be wearing camo and have our faces painted up. Its like the shopping war room when the planning starts.
We really have a lot of fun and it’s a great way for us to actually spend time together & the savings are insane! You can literally find items that retailed days before for $30 for between $1 to $5. I digress, we decide a few days before which stores we would like to visit. We then find out the hours of opening for each store (last year some stores were open at 2a.m.) Then we chart our course.

Since this is not a marathon and we know the later the hour the less the offerings, we choose between 3 to 4 stores before we call it a day. We pull up our Google maps & lay out our route, usually going to the store that is the furthest from home & working our way back to avoid the late shopping traffic. We then decide which place we’d like to have breakfast after the mayhem to tally up our savings & tell our stories of the shenanigans we each may have witnessed.

Since creating this new “tradition” we have had more fun for Christmas & I never have to worry about getting the wrong gift or the size not being correct because they are right there picking and choosing for themselves. We all crawl out of bed willingly because we know its going to be a fun day. It is important to plan, we learned that the hard way year #1 (we’re going into year 4), it is also important to be patient because while we just do this for the fun of spending time together, there are some serious shoppers out there and you don’t want to get in their way…it could be hazardous. You also want to leave with a budget in mind because the savings really are wonderful and it is extremely easy to overspend (found that out year #2). Each year it’s a new learning experience on how to save and how wonderful my kids are at staying in the budget as well as having a great day with their mom. Happy Shopping!

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