Strawberry Cream Cheese Frosted Red Velvet Cupcakes

I just love making homemade frosting for cupcakes, don't you? It's typically not as sweet, is much creamier and is made from *real* ingredients. That's not to say I don't cheat when I'm in a rush and use the stuff from the container, but when I have time, I'd much prefer to make my own.

This was the first time I used cream cheese. It was a bit hard to work with in the mixer, but once I added in the strawberries at the end, it softened up and created a perfect consistency. Many recipes tell you make sure your strawberries are very well drained. I let mine defrost during the day, chopped them up  and left them in a strainer over a glass bowl in the fridge overnight. They still had some liquid, but it certainly wasn't an issue. In fact, I think helped.

I used a box mix for cupcakes, but feel free to use your favorite red velvet cake recipe. Also, this strawberry cream cheese frosting makes about 4 cups, giving you more than enough for a standard 24 cupcakes and a perfect amount for a regular cake.

To frost the cupcakes put the mixture in a plastic zipper bag, squeeze it all downward, twist the top and make a snip in the bottom the same size as you want the frosting lines.

1, 8 ounce cream cheese
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup frozen strawberries
5 cups sifted confectioners sugar
2 ounces butter

Defrost the strawberries by letting them come to room temperature. Drain and dice into small pieces.

Cream together your room temperature butter and cream cheese until soft. Stir in the vanilla. Working in small batches mix in the sifted confectioners sugar. Add in the strawberries and mix well.

Begin frosting your cupcakes, or cake. For these, I started on the edge of the cupcake, and working in a circular motion coated the cupcake.

Refrigerating any leftover batter.


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