Street Harassment -- What Fun!

Having a guy shout, "I like the way your tits bounce when you run" as I ran past is one of the more offensive forms of street harassment I've experienced.

This incident happened during college, a time when I was also frequently the recipient of whistles, honks, and comments from men passing by in their vehicles when I ran off campus. Some days I was harassed as frequently as 10 times an hour. It always made me furious thinking about how none of my male runner friends experienced this kind of harassment and degradation. I run for stress relief, to have time to think, for exercise, and to stay in shape to compete in road races - not to get evaluated or startled by men passing by. What made it worse was most of the harassment happened in such a way that I couldn't even respond back. I just was left startled and angry. I also felt disrespected as an athlete.  

That is one of my street harassment stories. Do you have any street harassment stories? What are your views about what is acceptable/unacceptable stranger interaction in public? 

Please take an anonymous, informal online survey for a book I am preparing on the topic of stranger interaction, and street harassment in particular:

Please feel free to share it widely - I am looking for more male points of view in particular and more stories in general.

You can also submit your stories, advice, and views to be posted on my street harassment blog at any time by sending them to  



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