One day I was sweeping the kitchen floor, my soul was crying, my body and mind was exhausted, I had permanent dark circles under my eyes. When all of a sudden, the serentiy prayer came into my mind. "GOD GRANT ME THE SERENITY TO ACCEPT THE THINGS I CANNOT CHANGE, THE COURAGE TO CHANGE THE THINGS I CAN, AND THE WISDOM TO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE!" Just then, I stopped sweeping and really focused on the words in this prayer..... "accept the things I cannot change.", " the courage to change the things I can", "the wisdom to know the difference." I then realized, I cannot change my husband from his drinking, controlling, or abusing. I am the only one that can change my life or my situation. But what was I going to do? Leave? I had three small babies! Where would they sleep, I had no furniture. He would never let me leave! I had tried 3 times before and each time he convinced me to come back. I processed this prayer in my mind over and over for the next few weeks. It was then that I knew what I had to do! I could not live like this any longer! I could not let my girls grow up thinking it was okay for a man to hit a woman! I had to do something!


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