Stress? Bad. Stress-combating skincare that makes you laugh, too? Very, very good.

It’s not often that skincare tells it like it is. More often than not, these packages are like the Wicked Stepmother’s Magic Mirror, promising that if you buy and use them you’ll be the fairest of them all. Counterpoint is the hilarious copy on boxes of Skyn Iceland, which bills itself as “The only skincare line designed to treat the effects of stress on the skin.”

Stress, apparently, causes irritation and inflammation (not to mention scarring caused from nervous picking). Paraben and petrochem-free, Skyn Iceland promises to address these problems and more with Icelandic ingredients such as glacial water, angelica archangelica (an Icelandic medicinal herb), hydrating arctic cloudberry seed oil, and the powerful antioxidant triumvirate tocotrienols, butterfly bush and thyme.

But this line isn’t just talking about any everyday stress, oh no. Take a gander at this description:

“Three late nights in a row. Little or no sleep. Under-eye circles. Darker than ever… Really nervous. I know I shouldn’t be smoking. Hello, crow’s feet… No water. Too much sun. Under eye area’s dying of thirst… Carbed out all day, danced all night. Have the bags to prove it… Someone wake me when my eyes recover.”

And that’s just the Eye Cream. The Brightening Serum asks “How do I keep my indiscretions from showing up on my face?” while the Lip Repair describes “Lips that are dry and irritated. Can’t seem to stop licking them. Could they be any more painful?”

Each box in the Skyn Iceland line is like a Too. Stressed. To. Breathe. snapshot of your worst anxiety nightmare. And the upshot is they make you smile, laugh and…dare we say… de-stress. To be honest about the Magic Mirror, we can’t say whether or not the Skyn Iceland Nordic Skin Peel will leave everyone with a “healthy, balanced glow.” But it sure as hell will make you giggle every time you read the package. And that, friends, is a beautiful thing.

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