Stress: Fight to Answer Tough Questions

The longer I work at building Chicks with Choices the more passionate I become about helping people get alone with God. It is here where stress is released and tough questions are answered. He is the only one who knows how to gently, yet persistently reach the core of ourselves.

We have a giant obstacle, though. To get alone with God takes time. As stressed women, wives, mothers, daughters and friends, we barely have time to find solitude in the shower, let alone a space where we dare drop a pebble into the well of our own spirit.

I think we are also afraid once the stress is removed what we might find there.

Just as the earth contains great underground rivers, we, too, contain unsuspected inner groanings. The human soul is deep, colorful and rich. Why do we cover and hide? Shove, push down and squelch?

Today I speak to you face to face. As I'm doing my own searching, I'm encouraging you to fight for your own need to dig. Miners, gold diggers, diamond hunters sift through debris before discovery. Might we be so daring...

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