Stress is harmful to your health. Diva, heal thyself!

I’m reading a book called “The Love Response” by Dr. Eva Selhub. The book is very revealing about the health effects of stress on our bodies. She outlines how most people are living in what she calls, “The Fear Response” mode. This is when you put your body into heightened awareness, which causes cortisol and adrenalin to be delivered to all of your cells and organs. Repeating this pattern over a sustained period of time causes many physical effects such as insomnia, depression, allergies, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel and others. Dr. Salhub says that we cause this Fear Response with our thoughts when we worry too much. You know what it’s like: We worry about whether we’ll be on time for work or whether we’ll be able to pay our bills. We worry about if the boss is going to be angry with us or if we’ll finally get that promotion.


Think about it. During the course of one day you probably have so many worries, that you’re hardly aware of all the stress you’ve been causing to your body all these years. Become aware of all the everyday things you worry about – almost constantly – you worry about whether you’re going to get that project done on time or if your kids will behave with the babysitter or if you’re eating too much junk food, or if your hair is turning gray, or if your car needs repairs and if so, how will you get to work and what about grocery shopping. It all adds up!


All of these fears and anxieties that we live with each day are actually building up and creating a “fear reaction” that affects our bodies all the way down to the deepest levels of our cells. Most people repeat these patterns of worry and stress for years, feeling anxious and irritable most of the time. Then when we go to the doctor with symptoms such as panic attacks, insomnia, frequent colds and we can’t understand why we have no energy and spend so much time feeling depressed. It’s simple – our bodies are completely worn-out. What is the antidote to the Fear Response? The Love Response of course!


Dr. Salhub outlines many ways for us to start feeling better and improving our health right away. The first thing we can do is to begin to breathe deeply. Most American adults are “chest breathers.” When we breathe shallowly from our chests, the body perceives this as stress and the entire stress response is activated. When we breathe deeply from our bellies we feel calmer and more at ease. The other thing we need to do is to start thinking more positively by beginning to quiet our negative thoughts. “The Love Response” requires us to seek happy situations and people, and to begin to bring more happiness and joy into our lives.


This ties very nicely with the Diva Discovery Plan. When we begin to love ourselves more and seek our joy, we are giving more “Love” and less “Fear” and thereby giving our bodies more health.


Start to heal your body and your mind. Try The Diva Discovery Plan and start living your joy!



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