String It Up: Artful Chandeliers

BlogHer Spotlight

I am in love with the chandelier art by London artist, Madeleine Boulesteix. Ever since I made this, I have a whole new respect for her work.

Visit her blog and her store to find an array of her handmade pieces and the stories behind them. She posts pictures of what she finds, where she finds it -and what she does with it. From beads to spoons to keys and teacups, her work will 'enlighten' you! Hopefully it will inspire you to string a few beads of your own.

She says:

"I take tealights out of their aluminium containers because they block out light, put them in special glass pots and then in my teacups. The wax illuminates and the light comes through the tea strainers that the cups sit on - it's such a pretty, warm light.  It's another use of my chandeliers to switch off the power and just use the candles - if you hang them lower over a table you can reach easily."


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