StriVectin-SD: Better Than Botox?

is a topical cream, for wrinkle reduction, which was once in the
spotlight and heralded as providing some of the most dramatic and
noticeable results of any product in history.  When it first came out
it was literally flying off the shelves and nearly impossible to keep
in stock.  StriVectin took a backseat when Botox hit the wrinkle
reduction market by storm.  Botox, an injectable, provides instant
results while Stivectin-SD, a topical treatment requires a bit of
patience to see the results.  StiVectin is fighting back and now is
advertised with the tagline: “Better than Botox”.

With that being said, StiVectin-SD,
remains a formidable force in the anti-aging arsenal available to those
who wish to ward off and reduce wrinkles.  Originally developed to
reduce the visibility of stretch marks following pregnancy, it was
discovered to
improve the appearance of: indented surfaces, smooth surfaces, skin
firmness and irregularities in skin discoloration

includes a proprietary combination of skin firming agents,
elasticizers, and skin hydrators, adding up to one of the most
effective and most powerful topical formulation
for stretch mark reduction and wrinkle reduction currently available.  Clinical studies have proven it’s ability to reduce crows feet and other superficial wrinkles in 93% of those tested.

despite the success and rise of Botox use, StiVectin-SD remains a
steady big seller in the topical anti-agining market.   Priced at about
$140 for a 6 oz. tube, it was once thought to be on the high end in the
price range of products.  The eye cream is $59 for a 1.5 ounce tube,
which actually makes it quite comparable and even priced slightly lower
than popular “designer eye creams” on the market.

Instructions for Use: When used as a wrinkle remover, one tube will last approximately 6 months.

  • Begin with clean, dry skin. Apply StriVectin-SD three times daily (do not exceed three applications per 24-hour period).
  • Use sparingly. StriVectin-SD is a concentrated formula.
  • Gently massage StriVectin-SD into the target area, using a circular motion, until completely absorbed.
  • StriVectin-SD penetrates and is absorbed immediately, leaving your skin youthful, smooth, and silky.

StriVectin also offers a variety of other products including Lumedia, which targets hyperpigmented age spots.

StiVectin-SD is availabe without a prescription and is available in stores everywhere.  The best price we found for this product was at for $134 for a 6 oz. tube.


Melissa Sebastien

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