StriVectin: Want Your Youth Collagen Back?

StriVectin’s SD Advanced™ wrinkle fighting moisturizer introduces their most potent combination of anti-aging technologies yet. Collagex-CE Wrinkle Repair Complex™ targets Collagen III “youth collagen” to help restore elasticity and dramatically reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

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Wrinkle Withdrawal, StriVectin SD Advanced™ and a Giveaway!

On a beauty blog, you can't add the filter, because how would you show your readers what the accurate color of the makeup was or how it wears? Because of this I need the best of the best wrinkle fighters that I can use year round to battle the fine lines I'm starting to get and prevent the future wrinkles that I know will appear eventually, all while keeping my skin hydrated as well as under control throughout all four seasons....more

Restoring the collagen with StriVectin SD Advanced™

Seems to be the time of year we talk about our skin more. In fact, not only talk about it, but I personally try new products this time of year. With lacking the Vitamin D in the winter time, I definitely feel and look a bit blah. Not to mention, the natural aging process in women, losing estrogen, and going through ""the change"" makes a noticeable difference in our skin....more

Looking and Feeling Healthy with StriVectin SD Advanced™ Concentrate: Review and Giveaway!!!

Do you want your youth collagen back? Who doesn't, right?!?! It is never too late to take good care of your skin! I have a BIG birthday rolling around this year. Yes, I turn the big 4-0 this year (gasp!). While that number seems to signify the "end" of my relative "youth," it certainly does not mean that I need to look my age...more

Check Out StriVectin SD Advanced™ (Giveaway)

If I could rewind the clock, I would have started taking better care of my skin at an earlier age, especially with having dry skin (wrinkles are more noticeable). Drinking water is wonderful, but ingredients applied topically made the biggest difference for me. I've developed a skin care routine, and I see it, as well as the products, as an important investment. ...more

StriVectin SD Advanced™ "Want Your Youth Collagen Back?" Review and Giveaway

Never before have I used a skin treatment with that obvious of a result. When this tube is empty (and I have hardly made a dent in it, a little goes a long way), I will be buying more. And with warmer weather on the horizon, I’m going to be more fastidious with applying it to my stretch marks and hands!...more

Sponsored: New StriVectin SD Advanced™ Intensive Concentrate + Giveaway!

It's amazing how quickly time flies the older you get. In my mind, I just graduated from high school. My skin was amazing. Full, bouncy and completely unlined. Other than a few really bad sunburns the summer after I started college, I don't remember any of that bounciness fading. Of course, that was twenty years ago....more

Try StriVectin SD Advanced™ Intensive Concentrate & Get Your Youth Collagen Back

I am not terribly science-y, so when skincare products list all the science-y things I'm just all, "Prove it." OK, I'm not TOTALLY uneducated when it comes to skin care terminology... I do know a few things. In fact, my skincare mantra has become, "Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!" And drink lots of water. As we age, our need for moisturization increases, but so does our need for other things......more

Want Your Youth Collagen Back?

So far I've noticed less creasing in the wrinkles between my brows and around my eyes, the skin on my face feels springier and plumper and it seems to be staying more hydrated too - even during the time of the year when it's usually it's driest. My Youth Collagen is waking back up and I couldn't be happier. Welcome back young skin, I hope you'll stick around!...more

Aging Gracefully

We all get older. We all age. It's just a fact of life. A fact of life that is more present in mine lately. I have never really feared age or not wanted to age. You know, when you're 'forever 29 years old.' Not me. I love being 30. I feel so much smarter and more mature. And since age is an inevitable thing, I choose to embrace it....more

StriVectin SD Advanced™ Cream and Giveaway

I've been using this StriVectin SD Advanced formula for about two weeks and I can say that I did notice a change in my skin's overall appearance. If you've been following my blog for awhile then you ladies know I have SUPER sensitive skin. I was worried about how my skin would react to this and it worked great! It smells great and it the consistency is smooth and super hydrating.If you're on the market for a new anti-wrinkle cream I highly recommend checking this one out!...more