Stroke takes away 3 out of 5 quality years of life

Yes, if you did the math, that's a 60% loss of quality years.

This number was determined by following stroke and TIA (transient ischemic attack) patients for 5 years. The researchers measured the 1,188 patients with "utility" - which is a way to place value on the desirability of health outcomes.

For example, with utility:

0 = death

1 = perfect health

negative numbers represent "a state worse than death" (which I thought was odd actually).

Patients who had a stroke lost 1.71 years due to an earlier death and another 1.08 years because of their reduced quality of life.

Of course, everyone's numbers were different, largely depending on the severity of their stroke.

minor stroke - 2.06 fewer quality-adjusted life years (QALYs)

moderate stroke - 3.35 fewer QALYs

severe stroke - 4.3 fewer QALYs

TIAs - 1.68 fewer QALYs

Besides severity of the stroke, other factors affect the quality of life after TIAs: medication, anxiety (specifically about experiencing more of these events) and impact on work life.

Here's what I read: