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Did anyone see the Keeping up with the Kardashians recently where Kris Jenner gets collogine in her lips while on vacation with her family in the Dominican Republic?  When her treatment goes ari she simply waits the puffiness out and is back to normal in a matter of days.  It seemed to be no big deal to her in many ways. 

People trust doctors and surgeons with their lives in order to improve their appearance.  To some extent I have to say people that we are paying these professionals SO MUCH MONEY to mess with our DNA really.

Most desired results envisioned in these types of procedures can be rendered but self improvement like Home Improvement starts and ends with one guy, yourself.  

Somethimes I like to use TV as a source because most people know what I am talking about and I do not have to worry about citing it.  It is fact, it did happen, on TV.  And if life imitates know what I mean.

My number one beauty uproar is anything that is an eye soar.  I don’t care, if you have to squint when your eyes are on it, it is working to your disadvantage.  My solution to this is?  If it does not look friendly, do your best to avoid it.  That goes with everything in life.  

Number two beauty uproar is false eyelashes!  Putting chemicals on failing lashes has never proven to fix the problem.  Instead it adds weight to the eyelids and truthfully looks rather uncomfortable, which places addendum to my statement above.  If it looks restricting, adds weight, and has a possibility of mishap in any way, AVOID IT.

My solution for unsatisfactory lashes is revolutionary because no one else has published anything like this.  Your eyelashes are one of the easiest things to strengthen on your body.  Pulling on them, not too hard, everyday for one minute, even thirty seconds will improve the strength of lashes.  And what does strength breed?  Think about it and I will come back to that.  But just trust me, I am not going to try to prove it to you.  Take my word for it, try it, and then talk to me.

So can I say baldness is beauty uproar number three?

One of my heros is Donald Trump.  His show Celebrity Apprentice has made me a huge fan. He is incredible.  

The Donald is always getting harassed about his hair.  Hair is a status symbol.  Since status is in tip top form in every area of Trumps life, it seems strange to see something in the picture out of place.  If he had thick hair like he did when he was young people would think he was god, and I guess he wouldn’t want that.  Or would he?  My solution to all this?  Donald Trump, pull your hair, lightly for five minutes a day. 

A little bit of hair goes a long way for stopping sweat from blinding us when we play sports and exercise.  It IS attractive because consciously or unconsciously we acknowledge hair and associate it with vitality.  And getting back to what strength breeds - strength breeds vitality.  

Uproar number four is braces.  I am not trying to put orthodontists out of buisness but I consider the practice outdated.  

The solution to braces can be found in a paper I wrote for an anthropology course in college.  I am going to try to prove this to you and convince you there is no need for braces. *See Evolution of the Human Face

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