Stronger than i give credit.

So its official world I AM DIVORCED. What no way how did this happen. Easy went to court filed and now i'm somebodies baby momma. LOL!!!! Ok it was quite different but none the less true. I have spent the last seven years forgetting me and allowing myself to not matter and accepting this no woman or man should accept. Yes I was happy but miserable, smiling while crying. People who knew me could tell I was slowly crumbling into this black abyss and I couldn't find nor did i think there was light at the end of Shitastic thing I called life. Well I was super de duper wrong. My second son was born and all I could say is no more because honestly im to sexy to stress.Honestly at this point I was like ummmm i could have had a V8. So its over I'm getting back to me and i will see you lovelys at the top.

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