Structure timing and untouched journey's [Essence of Vita

Tuesday, Jan 27 2009

Structure timing and untouched journey's  - 
@ 02:10:pm

One may well ask where Vita has been Out without
my Sherba or vision questing?? Seeking new balance or
simply holding course and doing what is possible in
the moment…Looking for the will to walk tall and
value what one has never seen before..

Trusting ones bone structure and wiling renewed
strength to conquer the mountains in the distance...

If we see and feel ourselves as we are it can
be painful yet fulfilling..If we wish for
what we want and not see what we have we can
be left wanting for things outside ourself....

If we restrict ourselves to what others say
we must do it creates a world of oppressors
and followers and all are left unfulfilled..

If we trust ones self we are then able to trust
the other..If we value ones process and the
ways of the other we allow the journey
to just be...We are then able to enjoy and
explore that choice and allow it to be as it
will be..

If we respect ourself we are more likely to
respect the other.If we honor the other as
we honor ourselves,we are then less likely
to be dishonorable to ourself or the other...

So honor ones self and we all evolve and are
lifted to a higher place where all are respected.
If we ALL examine our fragility and very human
vulnerabilities, we are less likely to condemn
or devalue what others experience may be...

If we judge another we are judging ourselves..If
one abuses another one abuses ones self…When we
love the other without judgment or expectation we
are on course..When we hear and listen to another
we uplift the other we uplift ones self...If we
discredit the other we discredit ourself

As Barack Obama said of his mother "she loved him
(his father) without disappointment"
She honored his journey

I am not in this world to live up to other people's
expectations, nor do I feel that the world must live
up to mine. -
Fritz Perl

We never walk alone when when we honor all of
humanities journey.....

Loving without doubt disappointment or judgment