Stuck Anything Up Your Nose Lately?

Teresa Bell Kindred

For 3 years 6 year old Issac Lasson has suffered with sinus problems. Recently a doctor discovered why. He had a Lego stuck up his nose. That's right, a Lego up his nose.

Before the foreign object was determined to be a Lego the doctor asked Issac if he had ever stuck anything up his nose. Issac thought about it and said he remembered sticking some spaghetti up there once, but it wasn't a noodle up his nose.  The Lego was a flexible piece and it is believed that it was folded up when Issac inserted it then it unbent and embedded itself in his sinuses. You can read more about the incident and the lego by clicking here.

What is the fascination with little kids and sticking things up their nose. My cousin once stuck a pinto bean up his nose and greatly distressed his mom. Fortunately they were able to retrieve it safely. I wasn't as lucky with my granddaughter Abby.

When Abby was about 5 she was playing with her toys while lying on my bed. I glanced at her and thought I saw her put something up her nose. When I asked her about it she said she didn't know. How do you not know if you have something up your nose!

I took her to the school nurse, who happened to be a friend of mine. She peered up there with a flashlight and said yes, there was definitely something up there. We went to the pediatrician and she removed it. It wasn't my finest moment as a nana, but at least we got it out quickly. I can't imagine having a Lego up your nose for 3 years!

Have your children or grandchildren ever stuck anything up their noses?  Let us hear about it!



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