Stuffing Pillows

On a recent trip to Goodwill, I found the cutest red cotton sheet with Mickey Mouses in black & white all over it in different poses... some sitting, some sleeping, some day dreaming and some of them looked like they're really angry. Did Mickey get angry? Anyway, it was in really good shape with no holes or stains. I knew it would make great pillows! I was able to find a co-ordinating fabric for the backs so I proceeded to cut this sheet into 40 squares. All of them about 14 X 14 inches. I really like using sheets for some of my sewing projects because you can get so much fabric for so little cost.

I sewed around all 4 sides, right sides together, (well except for a little mindless there) and left an opening of about 6 inches on one end. This only took a couple of hours to sew all 40 pillows.

I also had purchased a couple of nice body pillows that looked pretty new, (with no odors) and opened one end and used the filling for stuffing the Mickey Mouse pillows. (I'm saving the outer shells from these pillows for another project). After all the pillows were stuffed, I sewed a really narrow seam to close the opening.

These little pillows are so cute. They're just the right size for little ones to carry off to bed, or in the car. They're cuddly, soft and squishy. 

They've been re-cycled and upgraded from a previous life and I'm sure they will be loved for a lo-o-o-ng time to come. I'm hoping they will go over well at our upcoming craft fair. I don't know why they wouldn't...everyone loves Mickey Mouse right?


I'll get you some pics as soon as I can.



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