Stumped by My First Grader's Homework

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[Editor's Note: Raise your hand if you have been stumped by your child's homework. Now raise your hand if you've been stumped by your first grader's homework. I only laughed at this post by Christina at A Mommy Story because I totally would have been stumped by the same thing as well. Schools shouldn't change the educational lingo we grew up with; how are we supposed to help our kids? -Jenna]

First Grade Homework Is Killing Me:

Homework HelpI knew that with the start of first grade, homework wasn't far behind. I've seen other parents on Facebook and Twitter talking about how young they start kids with homework now, so I was prepared. When the homework folder arrived in Cordy's backpack for the first time, I turned off the TV and sat at the table with Cordy to help her complete her homework. It took about 20 minutes for her to do all of the worksheets, which seemed like a lot of time to devote to homework each night for a six year old.

And then I found out that was her homework for the entire week. Oops. Ah well, at least she had several days off from doing homework, right?

This week, though, one of her worksheets stumped me.

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