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The big controversial S word, No not sex; ‘Submission’! I know this term make some women squirm, but we have to put things into perspective here. Submission serves a purpose in the male and female dynamic, and I have often heard that there’s power in submission. A man definitely wants feel like a man, and wants to be king of his castle, which is understandable. I can definitely fall back and let a man be a man, but is he even worth it?

I don’t know about others, but for me submission is on a mutual and conditional basis. I will not be submissive to just every, and any man; he has to be deserving of it. I have seen so many women allowing men to have free reign and dictate in their life, and these men don’t even have a leadership bone in their body. Often times it’s the blind leading, the blind. No Sir, you will not lead me into oblivion!

Ladies I suggest you set some clear-cut standards on who you will allow to be in your life. A man has to show you why he is worth submitting to. Here are some tips on deciding on who is even worth entertaining the idea of submission:

1. Possessing natural born leadership skills is a must!  If a man can’t improve the quality of your life, he is not fit to be submitted to. As a leader he should be totally respectful to his woman, trustworthy, considerate, and always express good judgment. This individual ought to make you feel safe and secure, and make you feel at home in his presence.

2. It is essential that he is wholeheartedly committed to the relationship. Remaining faithful and conveying unconditional love is the pinnacle character strength. Your beau must posses the ability to fend off any possible temptation that might come his way. It takes a strong man to resist temptation, and that’s what makes this type of man worth catering to.

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Shawna Kay (Blissed Out Belle)

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