Subway and Good Cheer

After a few days of some sketchy calorie counting, I remembered Subway and have now picked up veggie sandwiches the past few days and brought them home where I doctored them up with some blue cheese dressing.  The sandwiches, replete with every veggie including jalapenos have been really, really good and really easy to calorie count.

Dinner is fast approaching and I have no plan yet.

I saw a blog of a woman who lost 145 pounds and she says that the one thing she must do each day is list out what she is going to eat before starting the day.  I can connect on this one.  It's hard thinking about food and planning meals without losing control.

I weighed myself again yesterday and I'm down another two pounds.  Two schmoo.  It's a slow process.  But it all counts.

Haven't exercised yet today, but I was out and about with the kids doing good things.  I like to pretend I have some great backup plan for exercising.  There is none.  It's either do it or don't do it.

I have found that if I put on my shorts and tennis shoes, it is far easier to pop in the DVD and get going.  And again, I am so thankful for short and sweet workouts that don't seem like too much time committment.  I do 8 minutes or 20 minutes of something and then I'm generally okay to keep on doing things.  It's the getting started.  Blech.

So now, just waiting for the kids to fall asleep for their naps and then I will either work on some paperwork junk or exercising.

Yes, yes, yes - What were my priorities going into this new year?

Me first.

Family second.

Work and work junk third.

It's so easy to do that work and work junk first, but I'll always find time for it (just like I am blogging) because it's far easier to do so I need to remember my priorities.

I wish unto me my tennis shoes and shorts and some strong feeling arms when I do those stupid horrible push ups that Jillian requests and to any others thinking of doing something unpleasant yet desired....I wish to you good cheer.


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