Succeed by changing your beliefs

It’s time to up our game, to change our thinking and by doing so change our futures. I am not talking about changing everything we think because that would be overwhelming and unnecessary. I am talking about digging up some dirt from our past, those limiting beliefs that stand in the way of us achieving our goals and eradicating them once and for all. By doing this you will have a newfound sense of freedom and it will open up unending possibilities that were just beyond your reach before. It’s time to claim your new life by shifting your thinking and creating new beliefs that empower you.


The childhood experiences we have had shape the experiences They create beliefs that we use to shape our decision making and aspirations as adults. These beliefs do not necessarily support us in our daily lives and can actually hinder us in reaching our goals. They can cause us to doubt ourselves and to second guess our decisions. They can affect our self confidence and sabotage our success. Even if we think we can overcome them all we often find that we have hidden limiting beliefs that are left behind that are keeping us from reaching our full potential. Limiting beliefs are a huge part of what we work on in coaching because they are the single most important factor that can get in the way of us reaching our goals.


These beliefs can be anything from money does not grow on trees limiting our earning power to my sister is the smart one creating doubt in ourselves and our abilities. Mothers are always stressed out, you can’t have it all, be happy with where you are because that is your place in life are beliefs that can be developed while we are growing up through our experiences and perceptions. These beliefs have been created by experiences that we may not even remember, but they are there none the less. We need to identify these beliefs that hold us back so that we can conquer them for once and for all. By doing this we can counteract the limiting beliefs that are holding us back on our quest for a healthy balanced life. Think about your limiting beliefs and how you got them. Is there anything you think you do not deserve, cannot do, will not have or won´t ever accomplish? If there is then you need to explore the beliefs behind that thought.

To explore your beliefs first you need to identify them. A good way to do this is by thinking of things that you think you cannot do or cannot accomplish. When you set goals are you conservative or do you reach for the stars? Do you actually believe that you can have everything that you want in life or do you think you should settle?


 You need to replace the limiting beliefs with beliefs that support you in success so that you can not only reach your goals but can begin to live on a higher plane. You can up your game and achieve more just by changing your beliefs.  You can begin to do this by monitoring the words you use by changing your self talk. This positive belief system can be created and kept by careful evaluation of your beliefs and by creating the belief system that you choose to live your life by. People that you admire and that seem to have everything together know this already and use this tool to catapult them into greater success in their lives. Belief is the key to success. ” They can because they think they can” author unknown is the key to creating the life that you want. Don´t let your negative beliefs hold you back.



 A great way to stop limiting beliefs in their tracks is to have a coach. In my practice I help my clients to uncover their limiting beliefs and reverse them, create new beliefs that support them in their lives and in achieving their goals. Make a decision to change your future by changing your beliefs. Do it now and your future will support you automatically.



Below are a few limiting beliefs that can hinder you in your progress to your path to a better life.


I am not good enough

Money does not grow on trees

work hard all your life and you will be OK

My sister/ brother/ cousin are better than me

I can´t speak in public

I am not a good writer

I can´t disipline my kids

I can´t decorate my house

I am not creative

I cant run that far

I can´t control my diet

I´m to old for that

I´m to short

I am a follower not a leader

There are countless things that may influence you in your life but you need to explore them further. You need to discover them and learn to overcome them.

If you want help learning to uncover and on qonquering your limiting beliefs contact me for a free consultation.

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