Success is Failure Turned Inside Out

Here's the thing, I'm not a big fan of the word " failure". I realize that it is a natural part of life, from the first F we receive on a test to perhaps failing the people who love us the most. We have all experienced the feelings accompanying failure on some level and I think it's safe to say that most of us prefer the feelings associated with success. I know I do...

My life experience has taught me that it isn't our failures that define who we are but it is what we choose to create from these painful circumstances. In the recent year or so my husband and I have been through our fair share of real life drama. The kind of stuff that outsiders could easily judge as failures. Fortunately for me I don't bank much on what outsiders think.

The most painful experience was the extreme turbulence we had in our marriage which came to a boiling point shortly after our tenth wedding anniversary. Calling it unbearable would be an understatement...I have no doubt that some people can not see past the perceived "failure" in our relationship... However, we had a choice...We could have thrown in the towel and called it quits, but we didn't...Instead we chose to use our dire situation as an opportunity to renew our commitment to each other. We have both made extraordinary changes in ourselves and in how we treat each other. I know I speak for both of us when I say we have reached a new level of intimacy. We are the closest we have ever been and so much happier than before. Our endurance has made our marriage strong, much stronger than it has ever been. Our marriage is a success. Period.

The other monumental happening was the loss of my husbands job after being employed by the same company for 18 years. Again, I would bet on the fact that many saw this as a failure and some were probably even happy about it. The truth is my husband was unhappy there for a long time, but was afraid leave. Honestly, I couldn't wait for the day he would be free to spread his entrepreneur wings. He is a natural born business owner and is very talented at what he does. As a result of his hard work and dedication we managed to not only land softly, but to in fact persevere. Our business is growing rapidly and I only see great things ahead. Being self employed has also given us a lot more time together. We frequently eat dinner as a family these days and the overall stress has diminished. My husband is looking very relaxed and younger now. It's a little bit scary to rely solely on our own business, but mostly it's exciting and awesome!

We have succeeded at turning our biggest failures into our greatest successes and I am proud of us for that. After all...success is only failure turned inside out and this I know for certain is true.
~Yours Truly


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