Such a Complainer, I am.

Why I always feel like I have to cram as much "me-time" as possible
into nap time is beyond me. Well not beyond. Let's face it -- when else
do I get "me time"? Lately I've just been feeling a little gypped. All
I have energy for is to lay down and take a nap myself. Quality me
time? Sure. But every day? Seriously, there has to be something more
quality than a nap. Granted, sleep is mucho importante -- especially
when pregnant. But exciting? No. I wake up feeling like I've wasted all
2-3 hours of precious golden me-time with my eyes shut.

No! I
feel like me time should be used...for useful things. Like...well, I'm
not sure. But something. I have precious little time to explore my own
interests as it is, and to be reduced as having my number one priority
as sleep? Well it just makes me feel a little bland. Don't get me
wrong, I know full well that resting is important. Here in a few months
I'll be complaining that I don't have a chance to nap -- nor will I
have the chance for long while coming.

A nap just seems so wasteful and lazy.

But here I go. To my bed. It's nap time, man. And I'm pooped.


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