Such a Delicious Dinner

Lost a pound last week.  Woo.  It's such a small number that it feels hard to celebrate.  It's such an easy number to gain back.  And yet I'll certainly take it and enter it into my caloriecounting Fitness Pal on my iphone.  Their graphs are pretty nice because they spread out the pounds so instead of one pound looking like barely anything, it looks like some really steep drop in weight.  I do like that.

The cold I was fighting continues to be an issue.  I made it to the gym this morning, but after greeting the morning with a coughing attack I quickly told myself that tomorrow I might be better off staying home and sleeping in.  Of course, I often tell myself that when I'm getting up in the morning and by the time I'm standing I no longer need to negotiate because I feel okay.  But as the day progressed and I saw my energy plummet, I did make the decision to stay home tomorrow morning and I think it's a good one.

My workout this morning was the bare bones - a twenty minute session with Jillian.  I might (might) do something at home tomorrow, but I'm not going to commit.  I have a morning meeting that kind of cuts in to things and even that might be reduced to a call in meeting instead of an in-person kind of thing.

Yawning - I'm tired but not tired.  You know that no energy kinda tired but not really sleepy - that's me.

I have no idea how many calories I ate today.  It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't trackable.  I had some pretzels.  Hmmm.  Now that I'm trying to think of what I had, I can't really come up with anything that should have topped the charts - till dinner.  And, if dinner topped the charts, it's okay - it was dang delicious and healthy.

I felt like crap so I said, "let's make Pho".  And boom - just like that somehow or other we managed to pull off a fantastic pot of Vietnamese Pho replete with mushrooms and zucchini and anaheim pepper and ginger and cardamom and cilantro and chives and some delicately sliced chicken at the end.  It was delicious and I had seconds and thirds.

And fourths.

It was a delicious dinner and I'm glad we have leftovers because it will make for a good lunch tomorrow when I perhaps return to my attempts to consume the largest portion of my calories before three.  Heh.



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