Suckered Again

I was suckered again.  This has happened to me on more than one occasion.  I hate attorneys, sometimes.

Last week, an attorney friend of mine asked me to make an appearance on a case for him (which was today).  He said that although the hearing was scheduled for a trial on an Order to Show Cause and a permanent restraining order, that it would be continued because two witnesses were unavailable.  I merely had to show up and ask for a continuance.

Yesterday, the client called me and told me that it wouldn't be continued because it had already been continued several times, and at the last hearing, the judge had said it wouldn't be continued again.

Panic set in.

I had not prepared for this case.  I had no witnesses.  I didn't even have any documents that had been filed to review.  I called opposing counsel to see if he would object to a continuance, and he said of course he would.

As I thought about the case, I decided that the best thing to do was ask for a chamber's conference with the judge, which was granted.  We ended up taking the hearing on the permanent restraining order off calendar since there was a criminal matter pending on the same issue, and we worked out some issues geared around getting unmonitored visitation for the dad.  We scheduled a review hearing for several weeks from now.

What could have been really bad (putting on a trial without any knowledge of the case and without any witnesses) ended up turning out pretty good (still monitored visitation but reunification counseling ordered).

And then when that attorney gets back from his vacation, I'm going to kick his ass.

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