Sugar-free Frozen “Boo”nana Pops

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It’s rare that I come across a recipe that I want to make SO badly that I literally run down to the kitchen to prepare it on the spot.

The last time it happened was when I’d found Averie’s Blueberry Banana Oat Cakes. Just a couple of substitutions and it quickly morphed into what is now one of my favorite recipes on the blog, 5 minute quinoa flake bakes!

That reminds me, I haven’t made them in a long time.

But I digress.

Today isn’t about quinoa, it’s about ghosts. Healthy, sugar-free, 3 ingredient frozen “boo”nana ghosts to be exact.

When Gina from Skinny Taste posted this recipe a couple of days ago, I knew I HAD to make it before I’d even looked at the ingredients. Her version called for melted white chocolate.

White chocolate you say?


This is the part where the allergy-free wheels start turning.

Inner dialogue ensues and I’m lost in an ingredient battle of ‘how about this, no that, that won’t work, oh but this will’, conversation with myself.

Call me crazy, it’s okay.

I quickly landed on coconut butter as a replacement for the white chocolate. It hardens when cold, would make the ghosts as white as can be, and is sugar-free.

Then I moved on to the eyes. The original recipe called for chocolate chips, but we don’t like to keep them in the house too often. I’d like to say I have self control when it comes to snacking, but chocolate chips are a whole other ball game. I’m weak when faced with a bag of mini chocolate morsels of heavenly goodness.

‘Common, you are too, right?

Okay, so the eyes… carob nibs, raisins, chia seeds, flax seeds, they were all fair contenders, but I decided on dried currants.

Really, regardless of the eyes you choose, these little ghosts are delicious!

These were so fun to make, and eat!

What Halloween treats have you made this year?


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