Sugar Tot Activity Alert: Grow a Lucky Clover

Sugar Tot Activity Alert: Grow a Lucky Clover


In In honor of St. Patrick's Day we decided to test our green thumb and do an environmentally friendly activity, grow our own lucky clover! I found this kit at the Target dollar bin and thought it would be just perfect to have Baby D grow his first plant. 




The kit includes a pellet, pot and growing seeds. If you don't have a kit, you could do this activity using a small pot and seeds from a home improvement store like Home Depot or OSH.


Pour 8 teaspoons of water into the pot and let the soil absorb the water for about 3 minutes.


Once water is absorbed sprinkle clover seeds on top of soil.


Gently pat clover seeds down into the soil.


And done! With some water, sun and a little patience everyday, we will wait for our lucky clover to grow.

Experts at Cornell University Department of Horticulture found that kids who partake in gardening projects have better self-esteem and a strong sense of ownership and responsibility. Garden kids also have a higher interest in keeping their neighborhoods cleaner and have overall positive attitude about environmental issues.

Baby D kept his pot outside next to the rest of the plants we are growing, but clovers are also great indoor plants as long as you set it on a window where it would get plenty of sun. Baby D gets so excited to water his own little pot and can't wait to watch it grow. Hoping we may get a little sprout in time for St. Patrick's Day!

This green activity teaches kids a great sense of responsibility and will help them appreciate nature and the environment.  

Source: Teaching Children the Joy of Gardening


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