Suicide in Older Men is Often Triggered by Low Testosterone…Know How to Help the Men You Love (or Yourself)

Also remember many counselors and psychotherapists may not know to help a patient find a doctor to try testosterone therapy.

Do not risk an older man’s health on uninformed health care providers.

Find one who understands the benefit of hormone replacement so that they can discuss pros and cons with men.

In my opinion, most older men with depression and anxiety and low normal to low testosterone levels should try at least 3 months of testosterone therapy to see if it can turn their lives around (unless medically contraindicated).

Many men feel it is “weak” to admit they have low testosterone. Not admitting the mental and physical changes they are suffering is dangerous.

We are living longer with lowering natural testosterone levels. Replacing these for optimal quality of life isn’t weak it is grounded in reality and science; it is wise.

- Dr. E

Science can help us nurture and enjoy our sexual selves.

Dr. Ellington (“Dr E”) is an internationally recognized scientist in the area of sexual medicine and sperm physiology with over 75 publications. 


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