Suit Sadness

I did something I haven’t done in five years: bought a bathing suit. No it’s not exciting I fit in the same one for five years, the elastic just got that worn out that it stretched with me to create the giant blimp grodiness that was me. Also I was super poor, poorer than now, and didn’t care about things like body image and stuff like boobs being in the right place. So I bought a swimsuit. And not just any swimsuit, a bikini from Victoria's Secret. The horror! No not really. The top fits great. My stomach looks awesome with the exception of the birth control allergic reaction gut I’ve had since 2004. The bottom is a little snug, but it will motivate me to not sit on my ass. I’ll be like Libba (that’s what I call myself) get off your cottage cheese thighs before you show your coin slot to the world!!! And then I’ll go do t-tapp. I am actually really impressed with how much better I look this year, and I know I’m gonna see a hottie and get a girl crush and be all self conscious at the pool, but then I’ll see a fatty that looks like they ate me and feel better about myself because I know I’m better than that. Anyone else worrying about beach season?


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