Summer Camp - Empty Nest and A Trip Down Memory Lane

It’s late, and I really have a few more things to do before I turn
in for the night, but I wanted to get this post written while it was
still fresh in my mind.

When I got out of the dreaded cubicle today, I had a few chores to
run, that took me on roads that I haven’t been on in awhile, but that
my car used to cruise on autopilot for years after work.  Today I was driving down Memory Lane.

I started back to work full-time when my youngest daughter was two and my oldest was six.

During the summer months when they were a bit older, I always sent
my daughters to day camp while my husband and I worked.  Before suburban sprawl took over and McMansions
popped up everywhere, I used to drive them to camp in the morning along
back roads.  We would pass cow pastures and duck ponds.  A few cars
would be on the road. (Read More)

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