Summer is Coming!



( I’m yelling this like, Paul Revere “The British are Coming,The British are Coming!”)

Why?  I know summer is fun time!  Play time!  If you have kids it is more relaxed, no school and less schedules.

Typically summer is a Grand time!!

I shouldn’t be blaring a warning signal!

I do love Summer!!!

But, look………

Last Summer!

See, I love to wear sleeveless shirts in the summer.  Oh, and cute little strappy sundresses.

If you look super, duper close at the picture above you will see my arms should never ever be in a sleeveless item! Yep,I have been ignoring my flabby arms for a few years.  If I had a recent picture of the flab, I would show you.  My arms bounce with every step.  They keep flies at bay with their wonderful swinging motion.

I decided to take action!

Kind of sort of!

My bright idea!!

Stand up Push Ups in the Shower!!!

I have done one set of 25. On, two separate days! (the days were in a row)

Screw,  “No Pain No Gain!”

Who came up with such a dumbass phrase?!?!

This guy isn’t fond of the phrase either!  I like this guy!!

I have done 50 standup pushups, repeating, 50 standup pushups all together and my arms hurt like all get out.  It hurts to move them for even a simple task, like picking up my brush and brushing my hair.  Oh, yuck, thinking of it makes my arms hurt.  My arms hurt every.Second.Of.My.Day!

I now shiver with the thought of taking a shower!  The shower,  a wonderful place to relax, rejuvenate the body and soul with warm,gentle water and yummy soap BUT damn my flabby arms have ruined my shower experience.  My body tenses as I walk by the shower.  It now knows that place inflicts pain. Saying, or typing shower causes my poor body to tense and my arms to ache!


I think built in fly swatters are awesome, what about you?


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