Summer Danger...

Summer Dangers…

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Summer should be a time of getting together with friends, riding bikes, playing soccer or baseball, swimming, running through the sprinkler and general carefree fun.  For the most part, it is.

But an email I received recently from a mom at our school reminded me that summer is not all fun and games, but also a time to be careful and aware.  A girl was walking home from high school (broad daylight, 3:00 in the afternoon, along a busy street) when a car pulled across a crosswalk to block her.  He said his GPS wasn’t working right and could she get in the car to help him with finding his way.  After a few minutes, she saw a neighbor backing out of a driveway and ran to their car.  The man she had been talking to sped off.  A police report was filed and soon the email went around with a description of the man’s car and his ploy (thank goodness for parents and email…word can get around fast!).  The girl was shaken up, but was otherwise okay.

People like this guy make me so angry!  I hate having to worry about situations like this happening.  They could happen anywhere, even while my husband or I are around.  I’m pissed that a young child’s life really isn’t as carefree as it should be.  It just makes me angry on so many levels.

Now, my kids are young and won’t be walking anywhere by themselves.  But this made me realize that I must, again, talk to them about the uncomfortable subject of “stranger danger.”  I hate this topic because 1)It is scary for me just to think about it and 2)I don’t want to scare my kids too much, only enough.  Here are a couple of resources for tips on talking to your kids about strangers.  These are by no means the only good ones.  There are tons!  (from (from

So, check out these resources and others and have this difficult talk…a lot.  Unfortunately, we have to keep pushing this information into their little heads.  Then, hopefully, when they are older and on their own, they will, like the young lady in this story, know what to do in this scary situation.

Have a great summer and be safe, everyone!

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