Summer Family Photo Fun

Summer Time Family Photo Fun

Warm weather presents a perfect opportunity to introduce your child to photography.  With the vast assortment of digital cameras created especially for children, why not take your family on a photo expedition.  Here are a few simple steps to maximizing photo ops with young children.

Ÿ         Show the child how to work the camera.  Simple things like powering the camera on and off; using the zoom or flash features.

Ÿ         Let the child decide what to take pictures of.  Try not to suggest what the child should photograph but rather observe and be available should the child ask for your opinion.  If the child seems unable to decide on what to take a picture of you may suggest they take a picture of a specific colored item or take a picture of something in a specific area or location.

Ÿ         Be patient.  Little ones may want to take lots of pictures of one single thing like the family pet or one picture of many different things like every flower or tree they see.  Follow their lead.  Enjoy their creative moment.

Ÿ         Upload immediately.  Your child may want to print all the pictures they have taken, but upload them all and let the child review them and decide which ones they would like to keep and which ones they would like to share or discard. 

Ÿ         Print as soon as possible.  Children love the tangible.  Printed photos are treasured memories and your little one may enjoy putting them on their bedroom wall or giving one to a special friend at school.   There are a variety of photo printing service websites on the internet.  Many offer free or discounted photos, coloring pages, photo books, postcards, and other products including mugs, calendars, etc.

Ÿ         Learning opportunities.  For younger children, learning to use a camera is a wonderful learning opportunity in process thinking.  For older children taking pictures and uploading photos is a great way to increase their computer skills.  Tell them and then show them how to upload photos and then allow them to try it themselves.  You may want to show them how to create a movie using their photos or even a digital presentation.  This skill will come in handy as they progress into middle and high school.

 Our family keeps a camera ready at all times.  You never know when the perfect photo op may arise and we don’t want to miss a thing!

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