Summer Fun At Age One

Being home with Odette has certainly been the most rewarding, fun and best job by far! Every day this little girl amazes me and is constantly learning new things. She's starting to walk around like it's second nature too! Since she's so mobile nowadays it also means that I need to keep her busy so she doesn't get into trouble lol. June is finally here and I've been searching for new activities for this little cutie to do.  I made up a list of all the things I'd like to do with Odette this summer to try and beat the heat and keep us from getting extremely bored!

1. First and foremost is plenty of park time. Odette loves exploring in the sand and pretty much has the attention span of 3 seconds so she crawls everywhere! She got some sand toys for her birthday and loves trying to shovel sand, although she uses her shovel more like it's a hammer lol.

2. Looong walks in the morning. She loves the scenery from her stroller and mama gets in a tiny bit of exercise! It's a win win for both of us :)

3. Bubbles...enough said! Right?! If you've done bubbles with your one year old you know what I'm talking about. They just love looking at them, chasing them and trying to pop them.

4. Books, books and more books. Odette is really getting into reading lately. The last few days I've found her wandering off by herself and flipping through the pages of her books. Reading is so great for kids at any age and it's proven that babies who've been read to have a bigger vocabulary much faster than kids who haven't:)

5. Kiddie pool time! I love this little one that Odette got for her birthday because it creates a little bit of shade. It's also very small which is great as she's just getting used to swimming for the first time. Pool toys are also a MUST and are so entertaining at this age!

6. This goes along with the swimming theme but water balloons are definitely on my list to try with Odette! She loved playing with balloons on her birthday so I think she'll enjoy watching me throw and break a few this summer. Just make sure you watch your little one carefully so they don't try to eat any of the broken pieces.

7. Story time at the library is also something we will be doing this summer! I haven't taken Odette yet, but I'm sure she will love it when we go the first time.

8. Teach Odette to color! Maybe she's too young for this one but we tried it once and she drew a tiny bit. So, with a few more tries I think she will really like it!

9. I found this Ziploc Art idea on Pinterest and I immediately wanted to try it with Odette! Painting without the mess? Sign this clean freak up!!

10. Play in the fountains at the farmer's market. On Saturdays we've been going to the farmer's market and grabbing some breakfast and then sitting by the fountains. This past Saturday there were about 10 kids under age 3 running around in their swimsuits and Odette loved watching them! I can't wait to let her play in the fountains and socialize with the other little tots. She will love it!

11. Take Odette to the Children's Museum and let her explore! Our library has culture passes that offer 2 free admissions once in a while so I need to swing by the library and get a few passes :) Also, did you know if you have a Bank of America card you can get into certain museums for free the first weekend of each month? Check out your state to see what you can get into free!

12. Make banana ice cream! Odette's eczema really flares up when she eats dairy so we try to limit how much she has. By blending up frozen bananas in your blender you can make a delicious ice cream treat that's healthy :) She's never had it before so it's definitely going to be fun to try with her!

13. Play in the grass! It sounds so simple but little ones love exploring and crawling around in the grass at this age. Even better, make dandelion crowns! Odette's didn't last too long but she liked playing with it at least.

14. Sing and dance in the living room :) An activity that promotes physical activity and can be done in the AC is a great activity for both mama and baby! Odette loves music and likes to be held as I dance around the house. Yes I look really silly, but it's incredibly fun and your baby will love it! She's even starting to get her own little dance moves that are so adorable!


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