Summer is here.

So now it's summer --- my eleven-week freedom. Surreal. I thought it would feel weird to not go to school, and man was I right. I feel a little empty here. We had a picnic, the girls of my class, as a sort of farewell get-together. Eleven weeks apart is a lot when you've been together every day. We all have summer jobs out of town or live far away from each other, so it was nice to spend the sunny afternoon together at the park listening to music and playing Cranium and entertaining all the passers-by with our little pantomime moments. I've been three weeks now without picking up a razor blade. I guess I'm proud of myself. That, too, though, feels a little surreal. Three weeks is its own sort of forever. It feels so long. My scars are just a different shade of skin. I don't get stared at anymore... except because of the way I dress sometimes but I don't really mind that.

I got a summer job at my Mom's workplace. About 1200 euro for a month. That is a lot more than I had expected --- I actually thought I wouldn't even get a job until Mom called me a week ago and told me about the opening.

It's weird how things are just... falling into place now. My sister finished high school even though they thought she wouldn't. I proved my teachers wrong and did everything I needed to pass and get to the IB program. And I stopped cutting...

Do you think unicorns are monsters?


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