Summer Learns the L Word

Last night, Summer and I were up watching the “The L Word” around 4 am. Perhaps, you’re thinking that this provocative and even a bit pornographic Showtime program about LA lesbians may not be appropriate tv fare for a 1 year-old.

But it was 4 am. Summer refused to sleep. She was hysterical. HYSTERICAL.

Until I turned on “The L Word.”

In my defense, it is one of Paris Hilton’s favorite shows. If you’re a Paris Hilton follower (and really, what mom isn’t?), you would, of course, want to expose your child to one of Paris’ fave shows as early as possible.

Secondly, Jennifer Beals of “Flashdance” fame is one of the stars. “Flashdance.” Tell me you couldn’t throw on a pair of legwarmers and watch that movie 15 more times. A welder AND an exotic dancer?! How cool is this chick?

AND (although unlikely that I have to defend myself any further because of the validity of the Paris Hilton and “Flashdance” arguments), the 30 minutes we watched included no graphic sex scenes. Although I wasn’t wearing my contacts, so I can’t be 100 percent sure about this. But even with blurry vision, I’m confident that I can identify a lesbian sex scene. Or really any sex scene. Or even if I’m having sex.

Oh, and one more point. The show is excellent. The kind of show you want to watch, at 4 am or any other time.

I’ve actually always been quite conservative when it comes to tv. Dylan wasn’t allowed to watch television until she was 2 years-old (you know, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics). Now she only gets to watch an hour a day. And I’m very picky about what she does watch. That girl knows nothing of any L word. And her sister Summer better keep her mouth shut.

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