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What is it about warmer weather, gentle breezes, and the sun's radiance that set the stage for the delightful whimsy of "summer love"? For the past few days, I've been walking around New York City and paying close attention to the couples who've appeared to be so in love with each other. It's quite beautiful to see a man surprise his lady with a bouquet of flowers and the sound of glee escaping her lips is undeniably infectious. I love "Love" and all manifestations and expressions of it. I find that the summer affords me access to witness the blossoming of long between others and that is the primary redeeming quality, in my opinion at least. (I hate being hot!)


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Met a boy cute as can be...

I like a guy. Well, I more than like him. I'm fascinated by him, admire and respect him, am moved by his strength and courage, and feel honored to be part of his life. We met this time last summer and connected as friends. We grew closer during the fall, grew warmer during the winter, and began to truly blossom in the spring. As summertime quickly approaches, we're still friends, but we've evolved into something special that allows us to make each happy every single day.

He makes me giggle at random moments.

He moves me to tweet silly things and create sappy playlists.

He makes me smile with my whole being.

Summer days driftin' away, to uh-oh those summer nights

All I can say is "Oh yes! Hell yes!!"

*cough* *straightens up* What was I saying? Oh, yes. We're highly compatible in so many ways *wink*

*bites knuckle*

Tell me more, tell me more... Was it love at first sight?

What I know about my approach to the world and the people in it is that it is one filled with and guided by passion. I often throw myself into things, heart first, and rationalize how I end up in crazy situations later. Not so much these days. After a failed marriage (and albeit amicable divorce), I knew that I had to change the ways in which I often allowed whimsy to take hold and make things happen.

Calculated moves seem stoic and sterile, but there is something to be said about making conscious, well-informed choices about who you wish to share time and emotions with. I think having a certain level-headed focus can go a long way in that it helps you decide to become involved with someone on a deeper level, having weighed options, made considerations, and decided to go with what you believe to be the best choice. I've been re-evaluating every situation I've been in with an intimate partner and looking at who they were, who I was while I was involved with them, what went well, and of course, why things didn't work out. These kinds of choices aren't made on the fly, nor are they made in the blink of an eye. For me, at least, they take time. I've just been taking my time.

I was definitely attracted to him at first sight. His picture appeared on my Twitter timeline and I was taken aback by how gorgeous he was and needed to know who he was immediately.

I liked him at first meet in the historical non-fiction section of Barnes and Noble.

It was love at first new heartbeat when I realized that not having him in my life would totally suck, but if me not being around meant him being happiest, I would gladly remove myself.

It turned colder, that’s where it ends...

It is argued that nothing lasts forever. True. We begin to die the moment we’re born, I suppose. I know that we’re supposed to live fully, though, and enjoy each moment for what it is in that exact moment when the moment takes place. I know that I’ve allowed myself to remain open to any and all possibilities. I also know that I accept that everything happens for a reason.

Maybe I’m in a totally different place than I ever was because the idea of us not working out doesn’t scare me. He’s my friend and always will be. That has always been the most important thing to me and to him. Sometimes, I think all of this love stuff is just icing on the cake. Sometimes, even the sweet icing gets completely licked off and you’re simply left with cake.

We baked a perfectly delicious cake.

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