Summer Means...

 Summer Means...

      Summer gives you about 3 months to do everything you weren't able to do during your months at work or at school (that's if you get summer off) and well here's what this year's summer means to me. Summer means:

Trying to get stuff done. If you know me or have ever read my blog before you know that I've been trying to write a novel that I would publish as an eBook, since November! Plus, I've had so many other projects in between. Such as my quote blog, my online shop Fragrance Essence, and of course my technology blog It's Technologic. I've also been focusing on a few other personal projects that I want to get together before the end of this summer.
Expanding through Social Media. This is the most important to-do for this summer. (My projects must be done in order for me to proceed with this next step, without the work being done, there would be nothing to expand.) Through out the course of my projects I have been expanding as I could and trying to find ways to get the word out on my projects. I did this while working on them so people can start browsing through it. However, I haven't reached any of my goals for the amount of reach of each individual projects so, I must improve my social media skills.
Having fun with family and friends. Although, I probably won't have much fun knowing that I didn't finish my work, I want to still make time to actually go do something. I'm mostly trying to find things to do with my family & my best friend who I love so much. That's what summer is mostly about, taking off time from life to be with your loved ones.
Trying out different things. I've recently been using Polyvore & even though I'm not a fashion blogger, I actually like it. I find it cool how I put together styles that I would actually wear and get to see items I may want to buy too! (I'll be posting a few of my Polyvore outfits soon!)
Keeping up to date with my journal. BIG! BIG! BIG! To-do for this summer! I'm way behind on writing about my life!
Reading. I have two books that I must read and I'm not exactly looking forward to it. Some people may find it strange how I love to write, but am not much of a book reader.


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