Summer is NOT over

I am one of those moms – the ones that are sad at the end of summer holidays. I love the unstructured time with my kids. Sleeping in. Heading to the beach. Travel. Family movie nights on a Tuesday instead of a weekend. I love time with my kids.

The school year heralds homework, schedules, structure, alarm clocks, more hanging out with buddies, and a lot of sports. In our house that means hockey, horse back riding, skiing, and snowboarding, and while I am often the driver, always the cheerleader, and sometimes the co-participant, one on one time is scarce.

Disclaimer - This in no way implies that the little buggers don’t drive me bat-shit mad in the car with their incessant fighting over E-VER-Y-THING. It just means that the good acts like a memory wipe and I can blissfully focus on the happy times. Almost like a rose-coloured glasses feeling without any chemical additives.

We used to have structured sports and activities for Bou and PG during the summers until 2 years ago when we decided … Enough! D and I talked about what it was that made our childhood memories of summer so happy and it wasn’t running from one arena to another. Nor was it days spent making enough macaroni necklaces to feed a regiment.

It was afternoons on our bikes with friends.

Sitting under a tree dozing and reading.

Watching cartoons.

Jumping off docks.

Visiting family far away.

So we took back our summers from all those activities that parents are supposed to sign their children up for to ensure they’re keeping up with the norm. Now we have time together and our kids can build their own summer memories free of time constraints.

Disclaimer - Being free from time constraints does not imply that they don’t still have responsibilities and rules to follow. Although they tried hard to make me buy into this, I wasn’t biting. Also, I invented that con.

Where am I going with this?

Summer is still on. Officially it doesn’t end for another few weeks in the Northern Hemisphere. Unofficially, back to school and back to sports doesn’t have to mean an end to impromptu beach days, family hikes, or movie nights. It just means that we won’t be doing these on a Wednesday afternoon. (Because I’m pretty sure the school will give me grief for encouraging my kids to play hookie to go build sand castles.)

The weather is still warm enough in southern Ontario to take advantage of the beach a few more times.

waves, beach, girls, water, summer, jumping waves, water, sand, sun

Sun and surf

beach, water, sand, parasol, summer, pier, seagulls, waves, trees

Sometimes it’s even warm in Canada.

Once the water is too cold for swimming there is great hiking in our little patch of the world.

forest, hiking, wetlands, trees, nature, outdoors, family

Take a hike

Carwford lake, explore, frozen lake, lake, ice, forest trees, sunset, winter

We don’t have to go far to explore.

And nothing beats movie nights when the wind is howling, the snow is swirling and you’re all tucked under a blanket together.

wind, snow, trees, snowstorm, winter, forest

Even this has its charm. Really.

See? It’s still summer even when it’s winter.

PS. Take the time. They love it. You love it. We just forget in the mad rush of daily life.

Kat @ jackstrawlane

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