Summer Produce Shopping/Growing. Cheaper? Healthier?


  • Is it always affordable? Is it always available? Unfortunately not, for many of us. Supermarkets are where most people shop, no matter what time of year. Now days, in most cities, you can get pretty much everything that your household needs in one place.
  • Co-ops are a great option for many. In many cases, not all, the prices are lower, the products are organic, and you are supporting local growers.
  • Farmers markets or going directly to farms that let you pick your own fruits and vegetables. Sometimes you save, sometimes prices are the same as the supermarket. But it all comes down to your price range. If the food is too expensive pass on it, and choose something else. If money is no issue, buy up the place. Okay don't do that, you don't want to throw out food because you bought too much. ;)


  • Gardening, or potted gardening. Of course this is very dependent on where you live and the time of year. Four season climates, in general, have fewer options then two season climates. I swear when it comes to growing my own food year round, this is the only time that I wished I lived in Southern California. Otherwise, they can keep that hot, year-round weather. I'm not experienced enough, yet, to grow everything I need but I get to grow a few plants. I just love the fact that I can grow, eat, and share what I helped come from the earth.


  • Why am I into growing what I can? Not only do the foods taste better, it's just scary to me how huge the list of GMO's (genetically modified organisms) are on the no-no list. If you buy your food, which most of us do, your cupboards/fridge/freezer are at least half-filled with GMO foods. General Mills, Kellogg's, Nabisco, to name a few. I'll admit some of my favourite brands are on the list but that is slowly changing. Finding tasty, affordable alternatives is a challenge. The only "good" thing when it comes to cereal is, most are expensive (at least in Canada) so buying GMO free foods isn't going to cost more. Unless of course you are a sales and coupon, double shopper like myself. Maybe I'll look into making cereal. Who knows. One of many places to learn more about GMO foods @ What are your thoughts on food growing and buying alternatives?

Side note: Disappointed to learn that Kashi is owned by Kellogg's & was deceptive (IMO) in regard to letting the public know this & that many of their soy ingredients are GMO. Of course the GMO information is now on their website, ( since when, who knows).


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