Summer Photography: Light Writing, Blur and Zoom!

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Angle your reflector underneath your subject, adjust your ISO to the lowest setting and increase your shutter speed and aperture to get proper exposure. Success!

You can also try having your subject stand in front of ... or eclipse ... the sun. Use the reflector again if you want both your background and your subject to be fairly well exposed.

Or you can white out your background by ditching the reflector and adjusting your camera settings to how you would set them for open shade. Maybe bump up your ISO one step, slow down your shutter speed. This properly exposes your subject and then sends the background into a white light glow.

(As you can see, we like airplane rides around here ... )

5. Sun Flare.

To achieve sun flare, simply move slightly to the side of your subject and allow sunlight to stream directly into the camera.

When you snap, you get flares of light, and if the light hits reflective surfaces, bubbles of joy. It's lovely.

Of course you don't need to be outdoors for this. I have achieved the same effect with a very bright window that had streams of bright sunshine coming through.


Just be careful that you don't use this technique too often. The sun can damage the mirrors inside your camera over time. I have already had to replace mine once. Buying a UV filter can help protect your camera a little bit. You can find them at your local big box store for about $5.

And there you go. These are five fun things you can try this summer to beef up your photography experience. If my references to ISO, aperture, and shutter speed had you stumped, you can read my basics post for more information.


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