Summer Vacation: Packing Your Bags (And Baggies)

If you travel by air, then you probably know what it's like to have the neatly organized contents of your checked bags or even your carry-on bags disorganized during security checks. I won't complain about the minor inconvenience due to security checks because I support TSA security efforts at airports. 

The good news is you can minimize the disruption to your bag by placing related items such as clothing (folded), toys, and gadgets in quart, gallon and larger baggies. When your bag is examined, the baggies make it easier to keep related items together. If you travel with kids, placing toys and clothes in baggies makes it easy to control clutter when they pack. On a recent trip when we forgot to use the baggies system, my son's carry-on bag was so "overloaded" that when he was asked to remove all items at a security checkpoint he was unable to get all his things back into his bag! Since we have adopted using the baggie packing system, it's much easier to keep the bags organized. Remember to recycle your baggies on your next trip.
Happy travels! 

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