Summer where art thou?

This is rather topical because in South Africa we are in the middle of Winter. It is not a cold Winter by many people’s standards. We have blue cloudless skies, and on most days we can sit in the sun between 10am and 3pm in shirt sleeves. It is dry though. The grass is brown. Early morning frost burns tender leaves. Evenings are characterised by the haze of veld fires. 

Summer though is my favourite season. Light and colours are brighter and more vibrant, the sounds of music float on the breeze and the heat on my skin feels comforting. I have strong anchors in my 10 favourite things about summer. You can read about them below

1. Longer daylight hours

Don’t you love waking up naturally to a day bright with sunlight, glancing at the clock and seeing that it is still 6am? Early, having the whole day still ahead of me. It’s like buying time. I do!

2. All the different shades of green I can think of

I live in a peri-urban environment. Across the road from the residential area is open land - farm and recreation land. I love nothing best but to gaze at the crisp patchwork of green agricultural land in the distant hills, and cattle grazing on the juicy green grass across the road.

3. Heat heat heat

An obvious one! What can I say? I am a heat-junkie. I need heat. I love the heat. Hazy hot African days making the sound of cars in the distance but a lull. 

4. Highveld thunder storms

Everyday, anytime from noon to 5pm the rains come. Accompanied by thunder. It will pour dramatically for 30 minutes, the clouds will move away to be replaced by bright sunlight and the azure sky once again. The water permeates through the wet ground and surfaces dry like the rain had never come. If the rains come in the evening we are treated to magnificent displays of lightning, all drama and fizz. 

5. Pools and braais

Most suburban homes have pools. Swimming in the morning, noon and night is the norm. The evening smells of braais (barbecues) drift tantalizingly on the breeze. If one hadn’t thought of grilled meat then those smells definitely steer one in that direction, evening after evening.

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