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I love to get my sweat on outside as much as anyone. There’s no better feeling than when those endorphins kick in when you’re working out at the track, around your neighborhood, on the tennis court.  What do you do when it’s July, the mercury is touching 100 degrees, and even the mere thought of eschewing your outdoor workout for a bout in the gym is completely unappealing?

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Solution: If you can, workout early in the day, as in have your workout completed by 9 am or workout in the later part of the day, as in begin your workout no earlier than 7 pm.  Working out in the heat is far safer and more tolerable these times of the day because the sun isn’t beating down on you.  Also, stay well hydrated throughout your workout–a mix of water and an electrolyte enhancing beverage such as Gatorade works best.  If the only time to get your workout in is the middle of the day try these helpful tips.

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  1. Run for 10-15 minutes outside followed by 5 minutes indoors or under a tree to do your stomach crunches. Hydrate and repeat 2-3 times.
  2. Run 15-20 minutes ending at your neighborhood pool and swim laps for 20-30 minutes.
  3. Play tennis with a friend and after 4 games, sit under a tree and drink some Gatorade, repeat 3 times.
  4. Go for a bike ride in the woods.  This will give you the outdoor sweat you desire without the harmful sun rays beating down on you.
  5. Rollerblade to get your errands done.  You will burn calories and sweat and then have a break indoors while you shop for the essentials that you need.  (Make sure your load is light as you need to Rollerblade back.)
  6. Also very important is to wear minimal clothing so your sweat can evaporate and keep you as cool as possible.
  7. Wear light colors so as to not attract the sunlight.  Do not wear black or navy blue when exercising in extreme heat.

Hope these tips are helpful and allow you to keep your fitness going in the summer months!

t.Two men on an early morning run.

~ Phil Silberman – NASM & CGFI Certified

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