Summertime Thoughts

The house is empty this morning. In the summer this is a rare occasion. I want to enjoy it while I have the chance. I can hear the birds singing and the weather isn’t too hot yet. It’s a Texas summer, so we enjoy our morning’s pre-100 degree days. I have more than enough of my to-do list today and it’s slow going to get moving. My fur babies are at my feet, where they are more often than not these days. This is far from the career days of jumping in the shower before I’m awake and heading out the door, only to come home in time for dinner and bed. I don’t miss those days.

I believe there needs to be a new acronym for today’s world. Instead of SAHM (stay at home mom) I think we need SAHG (stay at home grandmother) or in my case, Nana (SAHN?). Yes, I think I’ll coin that phrase. And I might even start using the WAHN (work at home Nana)! I like the sound of that, it explains it all.

Did you know the 2010 Census shows that 10% of all children live with their grandparents? In our case, we have two we share with their mother, their father is our son. When the situation arises there are more reasons for it than can be counted. Death of the parent, divorce, unable to work or care for the child, financial, illness, jail – the list can go on as to why the child ends up with the grandparents. The reality remains, we as grandparents are being called to a new normal. It’s time for us to step up and have an impact on the next generation.

I love that I am blessed to stay home with the grandchildren. We gave up a lot of things, including financial securities, in order for me to be here. But the payoff is much greater than interest rates and dinners out. Our situation is unique, but I believe that most of them are. We all have a story to tell, but the how we got here isn’t worth the words to explain it. We are here, and that is all that matters.

Don’t get me wrong, there was a period of anger, frustration, the need to control and a level of stress affecting everything around us. We were like every other grandparent in this situation. We didn’t ask for it, we didn’t want it and yet here we were. Our lives were turned upside down. The good news is, we have moved beyond the stress and are in a time of complete peace in our situation. It’s a good season to be in, as we are given the opportunity to speak in to the lives of our grandchildren. What an impact we can have on the next generation as we impart wisdom and love in to such precious lives.

I should also say I get to help care for another one of our granddaughters while her mother teaches at a local school. She is one of the very important reasons I stay home. It's exciting to get to be such a big part of her life. For now she is home with mom for the summer. But come August we’ll get back in our routine and the Nana bus will be back in business. This last year was by far the hardest with taking and picking up at four different schools by the end of the year. But it was a short lived period of time and I am excited to have the summer to recuperate.

Thinking on these things, I realize I have a lot of sewing to do to help pay for the fun we have planned this summer. But that’s another post, and one I’m sure I’ll enjoy as we work in water parks, beaches and road trips over the next several weeks. We are love the outdoors and water and our grandchildren are not far from that tree. We are looking forward to a fun and adventurous summer!

There it is again, the air conditioner turning off just reminded me of the quiet in my home today. The kids will be back tomorrow and our fun with them will resume. But today, I will take some time to enjoy the quiet. This WAHN has things to do, uninterrupted for just a little while.

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