Sun into Earthy, Responsible Virgo

Earth sign Virgo gets a chance at the Sun on Thursday, August 22, 2013. Whether it is your birth sign or not, we will feel the effects of this practical, hardworking, Mercury ruled 6th sign of the Zodiac until 9/22/13. We will all be a little more grounded and efficient.

Virgo, sign of health, hard work and service also lets us know that it really is all about the details, details, details. If you want to work better/ want better work, put together the little building blocks needed to create something substantial, step by step. We all deserve achievement so why not go after it now (whatever “it” is). Also, implement a good health/exercise regimen. Feeling better helps you work better.

However, being wrapped up in details, or what some may call the “sweating the small stuff”, can also lead to being over critical and picky, not “seeing the forest for the trees” and/or that saying about “paralysis analysis”, etc. Friends,  family and co workers  eventually resent correction, the pointing out of faults, no matter how “helpful”, how good the intention.  Giving assistance doesn’t have to mean getting on everyone’s nerves. 

Do those lovely Virgo things instead - making a difference, being a contribution, being a wizard at organization.

Sun into Virgo 8/22/13: 7:02 PM EDT / 4:02PM PDT

*Gemstone: Carnelian * Power color: Deep green * Body Part: Bowels (Cleansing the system for good health)