Sun glorious Sun! What a difference a few days of sun and warmth make on my outlook!

Okay I live in New England where we are hardy, used to cold snowy winters. That being said in the twenty six years that I have called New England my home this has been by far the coldest year ever! One Saturday I work up to go to hot yoga at 6am to see the temperature a frightening minus fifteen, not with wind chill factor but plain minus fifteen. I've experienced minus twenty in the White Mountains of New Hampshire but not in the metro Boston area.  Not only has the cold been a brutal with a higher than normal snow fall but it's been a very gloomy winter.  Not much sun to compensate for the frigid temperatures.  I, like most humans, need sun.  It's been a rough time mentally for me without sun.  I've been suffering with seasonal affective disorder due to lack of like which hasn't effected me before. I am usually so happy, ready to face anything with an up beat attitude. Not this year which was very puzzling to me.  I couldn't understand why I was feeling so blue!


This really was so true and noticeable when I had the opportunity to go to Arizona for a few days. A few days of bright sunshine with the mercury reaching eight and I was a new woman.  Not I take that back, not a new woman, the old happy, positive, life lover me.  Even though I've know all along that the sun is important for physical(we all need vitamin D) as well as metal health, I never felt the effects of the lack of sun as was the case this year.  Getting away, soaking in the healing rays of the sun, was the most effective medicine I could have taken to get my mental health back to normal.

Now I can face the six more weeks of winter knowing that the spring will come, the sun will shine, and I will once again feel reborn along with of nature. 


What I've also learned is to take time to refresh with nature's medicine sunlight rather than turn to any chemicals to medicate.   I've always used yoga and running to keep my mental state uplifted but this year even my fail safe methods were failing me.  My trip taught me that I needed a strong infusion of sun light like a light chaser to keep me functioning at at my best.  So drink up sunlight when you can.  Take a walk or stand in a bright window soaking in the healing rays of sun which brighten up more than just your spirits. Yes when the sun start to shine I plan to take a break, step into the sun, turn my face to the sky's healing beams of glorious light!


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