Sun Protective Clothing Is More Important Than Sunscreen

There is a huge change in the way experts think about sun protection - sunscreen is no longer considered the first or most important method of protection.  The American Acadmey of Pediatrics, the American Academy of Dermatology, the Skin Cancer Foundation and most of the national organizations concerned with skin cancer now recommend that you wear sun protective clothing as the first and most important method of protection and then use sunscreen only on the small areas of skin left exposed. 

The advice from these organizations has been put into an easy to remember, five step acronym that has been endosed by the Dermantology Nurses Association, The Children's Melanoma Prevention Foundation, The Melanoma International Foundation and Coolibar.  That acroynm is SunAWARE

A - Avoid unprotected exposure at any time and seek shade

W-Wear sun protective clothing including a hat with a three inch brim and sunglassees

A- Apply broadspectrum sunscreen before exposure and reapply every two hours while exposed

R- Routinely check your skin and report suspicious changes to a health care provider

E-Educate your family and friends about the need for sun protection


These are easy steps to follow, but you can find out more at

I'm a SunAWARE mom.  Be SunAWARE and be safe!



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