Sun Sign Libra and the year 2013


Libra in your birth year, September 2013- October 2014, is a period of change….change not just in terms of work  but something very profound. From now through November 2014, planet of karma, Saturn, is transiting through your sign and Rahu will be in your sign till July 2014. Saturn takes 30 years to cycle through the zodiac and Rahu takes 18 ½ (Rahu travels backwards in the zodiac). They conjunct every 11 years, but the last time in history they conjoined in the Libra sign was the year 1865!

Most people believe they have to take massive action to bring changes for betterment in life, but it often isn’t true. Life goes on by itself without you having to force anything. Changes happen, we are not 100% in control of our lives,


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